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Máster en Global BIM Management

Modalidad On-line

14.500 *
Inicio curso:
16 octubre 2019
Final curso:
15 octubre 2020

* El importe incluye tasas administrativas de la Universitat de Barcelona

Tres razones para escogerlo
  • Become a BIM Manager. This new profile of architect is set to shape the present and the future of the construction sector. In order to gain access to a large number of opportunities in the very competitive AEC sector and optimize the resources of a project, it is necessary to keep yourself professionally updated.
  • International demand. Within the global market today, there is an increasing demand for the projects to be delivered in BIM format. It is anticipated that by 2020, BIM will be mandatory in most countries for public tenders. Today, governments and financial institutions value highly public projects delivered in BIM format and this growing tendency is essential to support the growth of the construction industry in general.
  • Focus on methodology. BIM technology is rooted in having a strong methodological approach as the main background. This, alongside digital tools, allows achieving a high degree of efficiency and successful implementation within the AEC sector. In the program, students will simulate projects designing their workflows and team roles with different collaborative project management platforms, Common Data Environments (CDE) and BIM servers.

The Master’s in Global BIM Management presents a genuine experience and helps the students to gain a global vision. The program encourages collaborative work with counterparts in different geographical areas - each project group of 5 to 6 will work collaboratively through a BIM server and a Project Management platform-, enriching this way the general experience and encouraging professional development within an increasingly competitive global market.

This Master’s has the most advanced and innovative academic program in BIM Management in the sector, in which more than 600 professionals are trained every year around the world. The program is designed to meet the needs of professionals from more than twenty sectors of the AEC industry. Its academic structure offers students the methodology, tools and competencies necessary to train the next leaders in BIM implementation and prepare different profiles that will help to bring about the change of paradigm: BIM Managers, Implementers and Consultants.

Acreditación académica

Máster en Global BIM Management por el Instituto de Formación Continua de la Universitat de Barcelona.

Curso propio diseñado según las directrices del Espacio Europeo de Educación Superior y equivalente a 60 créditos ECTS.

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